About Us

Hi there, I’m Jenna. I’m the owner here at Jewelers Garden. In February 2017, I left my job in Fine Jewelry retail and my hometown in Rhode Island to move to sunny Florida in pursuit of my dreams.

Funnily enough, at the time, those dreams weren’t to own my own jewelry company. They were to pursue my dream career in the modeling industry. And I did. And I still am ;) 

However, I’ve always had the free spirit and ambition of an entrepreneur, and have also always wanted to own my own company. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I took the down time as an opportunity to start an Etsy and see if I could sell beaded bracelets. A couple good months of sales brought a website, and a year later after that, I found my way into pop up events to bring my brand into more local communities. I know this journey is just beginning, and I’m so grateful for the growth that has been seen so far and for the opportunity to break out more into the community. Thank you for being here, reading this, and supporting us.

Our Jewelers Garden brand goal is to be able to provide high quality, beautiful, every day jewelry for women on the go. With our designs being hypoallergenic, water resistant, and available in various sizes and styles, you’re sure to find your new favorite staples.

When I first started making jewelry, it wasn’t to sell, it was for me. My wrists were always too small for any store bought bracelets. Also having a background in fine Jewelry retail, I decided to start my own company, so other women can also finally find ‘Jewelry That Fits’. 

Here Jewelers Garden we value optimism, integrity, kindness, quality, and consistency. All materials are sourced and sifted through by me, and then carefully created into beautiful finished jewelry pieces that you’ll love.


Jewelers Garden