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Green Aventurine | The Stone of Opportunity

Green Aventurine is a gemstone related to the Heart Chakra and is related to good luck and prosperity. Green Aventurine is also associated with water elements, and its soothing properties are known for helping to work through unresolved emotional issues. 

Green Aventurine is commonly known as a "stone of personal growth" and "the Stone of Opportunity", and its colors can range from pale green to a deep, dark green. Aventurine is also said to benefit intellect, mental clarity, and aid in all areas of creativity. Along with prosperity, Aventurine brings career success and is also a gemstone of protective energy. 

As for physical healing, Green Aventurine is an all around healing stone that benefits The heart, liver, and sinuses. It helps release negative energy and blockages, and invigorate you with joy and energize your spirit. Green Aventurine helps balance your inner harmony, and recover optimism in your life. Green Aventurine also neutralizes electromagnetic pollution, blocking out emanations from computers and other electronic equipment. 

Aventurine is a form of Quartz, and can be found in a variety of colors including Green, Pink, Blue, Peach, Orange, Brown, Yellow, and Gray. The name Aventurine derives from the Italian "A Ventura" meaning "by chance". Meditating with your Green Aventurine by either wearing it or holding it has shown to be highly effective in absorbing negative energy and creating an overall sense of well-being. Due to the fact that this stone absorbs negative energy, it is good to clean or cleanse your stones with either sage or by laying them out in the moonlight.